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The Daily and Daily Law Firm offers services in the following areas:

Criminal Defense
All felonies and misdemeanors including:
Drunk Driving
Drugs: Possession and Sales
Domestic Violence
Juvenile Criminal Defense
Record Clearance

All divorces, from filing of the initial court documents or filing response to court papers, through the final property settlement and dissolution decree. Experienced in both litigation through trial and mediation process. 

All paternity actions, from filing initial paternity action or filing response to paternity action, through final settlement of custody, visitation and child support issues.

Stepparent adoptions
Independent adoptions

Child Custody and Visitation
Child custody and visitation issues, including divorce and paternity actions, modification of current child custody and visitation orders.

Child Support and Spousal Support
Calculating correct child and spousal support
Modification of current child and spousal support orders
Computing and collecting child and spousal support arrears

Name Change
All name change proceedings

Juvenile Dependency
Defense of either parent in juvenile dependency proceeding

Domestic Violence
Restraining orders
Defense against restraining orders

Personal Injury
Plaintiff personal injury cases
Automobile; pedestrian; motorcycle; slip and fall